Monday, July 28, 2008

How to Disable UAC in Vista

UAC is a new feature implemented in Windows Vista to increase security. While I would highly recommend having it enabled, some people believe it is annoying and want to disable it. Click Read more to find out how to disable it.

FREE Antivirus!

Nowadays you can not get by without antivirus software on your PC. Many people do not know there is a large amount of antivirus software to choose from, and many of them free! Click read more to find out more!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

How to Change the Location of the Documents and other user Folders

Windows sets the location of the Documents, Music, Pictures, and other similar folders inside of the users directory by default. While this is fine in most cases, some times it is better to move the folder. An example would be if you installed a second hard drive in your computer and wish to put more files in those folders then your original drive could hold. If you simply moved the folder to the new location, Windows wouldn't know and would still try to access the old location when you click the Documents icon. Click Read more to see how to change the location of these folders to anywhere else on your PC.

Increase The Amount of Recent Programs Shown in the Start Menu

The Windows Start Menu displays the most recently used programs depending on how often a program is launched. The list by default is very small and may not contain very many of your programs. There is plenty of room on the screen to show more programs. Click read more to find out how to increase the amount of recently used programs shown!