Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Free Web Hosts

I have compiled a list of free web hosts. They all are pretty good and offer a decent amount of space.

Host Ultra -
No image galleries allowed.
Unlimited space with unlimited bandwidth.
Filesize limit 1Mb.
Exit Pop-up ads on each page.
FTP and browser uploads.
PHP supported.
Domain hosting available.
URL: ''.

Atgig - Unreliable?-
15MB file size limit - No-Ads
24/7 File Manager
1 GB of web space
100 GB of transfer/mo
Fast, Friendly Tech Support
URL: ''

x10hosting -
Your URL:
Excellent Service - Domain Hosting
Three different packages to choose from, minimal downtime.
100MB - 2500MB, 3GB Transfer - 45GB Transfer depending on package. -
Temporarily Down? 500Mb. Browser uploads. Guestbook and message boards provided. FrontPage supported. URL: ''.

Deluxe Host: -
DeluXe Host offers:
- 100MB Webspace
- 300GB Traffic
- no ads!
- absolutely free!
- short domain:,
- for free.

XTHost: -
XT Host offers:
- 30MB webspace,
- browser and ftp upload,
- ad-free webhosting,
- no registration required
- short domain:,
- for free.

Source and More: Neowin Forums

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