Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Improving Windows XP's Speed, Boot Time

Here is a collection of many different guides to improve Windows XP's speed, boot time, performance, and more. They contain many different tweaks, files to delete, services to disable, etc. After doing many of them I must say my computer is a bit faster and nicer to use. I though I would like to share all these guides with everyone so that they may improve their computing experience.

Improving Games Performance & Graphics
Source: Neowin Forums

Optimize XP - A Windows XP Optimization Guide
Source: Neowin Forums

Slimming Down Windows XP
Source: Neowin Forums

SpeedUP Improve XPs Boot and Start Up Time

Source: Neowin ForumsHacking Windows XP: Speed Up Your Boot
Source: ExtremeTech

Optimize Windows XPSource: ExtremeTech

Optimize XP

Speed up your bootup time
Source: cnet

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